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In order to have a clear picture of the current human context of our planet it is necessary to underline principally two aspects:

a) The very high mobility of services, information, financial assets which occur simultaneously (in real-time), with a consequent zeroing of both the time and space factors and with the substantial decrease in the possibility of individuals to influence global processes;

b) The high mobility of people which involves all continents. According to the Annual Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are in the world at least 19.5 million refugees, 38.2 million internally displaced within their own countries; 1.8 million persons pending the outcome of asylum applications.

More and more today we are living in an historical moment for which interdependence is not only relevant for politologists and economists , but it is a real planetary condition and in fact involves every person on earth.

Goal of the project:

a) To improve, stimulate and implement the growth of professional skills of the staff, to strengthen the development of innovative processes and the external impact of one’s organization with the goal of transferring approaches and methodologies to different social actors which operate on the same territory on which the organization operates, in order to let the external impact then become more and more tangible and concrete.

b) To develop innovative and creative practices, to use new digital and informatic tools in order to facilitate and increase sharing of experiences and best practices.

Number and profile of participants:

No. 144 – Staff Partner

Description of activities

Management Meeting (A1 and A2) with the purpose of effective planning of the different activities foreseen video conferences per year (B2) as moments of sharing experiences of the different partners and with possibilities and difficulties they encounter in their own countries.

6 joint training events (C1 to C6) with the aim of improving management and design skills of the partners’ staff, to increase knowledge of and exchange of good practices between partners, to go on study visits, to become acquainted with the knowledge of glottodiattics (language teaching) as the application and demonstration of how the indications received from the modern language teaching have been successfully applied in the reality of the adult education programme of Centre La Pira.


The project is based on an active methodology, non-formal, mainly following the “peer to peer” approach. All partners will play an active and central role in the achievement of the objectives. In the various activities that the project intends to carry out, each partner will have to give his or her own specific contribution in terms of expertise, cultural context, links and local opportunities, difficulties and problems it that they face, good practices implemented.


A rise and growth of staff skills, the development of new innovative processes, the increased ability to impact on the outside, to transfer approaches and methodologies to the various stakeholders of the territory.

Made of “products” increasingly accessible from the outside, tangible and which have an efficient impact on the outside.

Expected impacts

On target Group-staff: to increase their technical capacity and develop a greater awareness of their active European citizenship.

The impact on partner organizations will be aimed at increasing the capacities to create “local” networks, to be more accessible from the outside, tangible and which have an effective and efficient impact on the outside.

Potential long-term benefits

Mainly we expect a major impact on the outside (local, regional and national level)

A strong opening impact able to trigger sharing processes and of elaborating new innovative proposals, transferable and tangible, for the territory of reference and in a glocal perspective. An impact which the actors of the project for the target group experienced. Such proposals being open and fully accessible, free of charge, can be shared afterwards by social and institutional actors, by the stakeholders and all those who may be interested in developing ideas and innovative proposals on the network.