5° Meeting Praga

Date Monday, 22nd of January 2018, 15:00 (start) Friday, 26th of January 2018, 14:00 (end)
Language: English
Participants European partners of NEST project
Location Mariapoli Centre,  Mladoboleslavská 667, 190 17 Prague www.centrummariapoli.cz
Responsible Kateřina Hájková, Project Coordinator – Bibiána Šmehilová, Project Coordinator
Trainers Mathias Kaps, Starkmacher e.V.  Giovanni Zambon, Starkmacher e.V.
Organizer Pontes z.ú. Modletínská 2 101 00 Praha 101
Sponsored Erasmus+ Programme

Meeting Argoments:

Understanding one type of Erasmus+ Project after contract and Financing Phases of PCM

  • Presentation of Host-Spot Project
  • Documentation of Erasmus+
  • Mobility tool
  • Final report

Understanding the purpose and process of the Implementation Phase of PCM

  • The Implementation Phase
  • Monitoring Projects
  • Reporting on Progress

Understanding one type of big EU Project after contract and Financing Phases of PCM

  • Presentation of Daphne Project
  • Documentation
  • Ongoing finance documenta-tion
  • Final report
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management and Financial Reporting
  • INDICATORS – Quantitative re-port on Outputs and Delivera-bles:

Communication Strategies and dissemination of results (AF)

  • Helps to plan and improve your communication strategy and provides practical examples of communication tools and activities.
  • Communication strategy
  • Set clear objectives
  • Identify your target groups
  • Develop messages
  • Create a time plan
  • Define your budget
  • Communication activities
  • Communication skills
  • Internal communication

Dealing with Conflicts in the Im-plementation and Management (MK)

  • To dealing with conflict can assist project managers and other organization members to handle and effectively resolve conflicts which can lead to a more productive organization as a whole
  • Conflict Resolution in Project Management
  • Where are ‘Stolpersteine’
  • How prevent conflicts
  • How to intervene in Conflicts
  • Celebrate

Understanding the purpose and process of the Evaluation Phase of PCM
Understanding the purpose and processes of the Mid-Term Re-view and the End-of-Term Re-view
Understanding the criteria used in evaluations

  • The Evaluation Phase
  • Types of Evaluation
  • Criteria for Evaluation
  • Evaluation Criteria & Logframe